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Privacy Statement
Welcome the people from all walks of life to visit our website! We promise protected to visitor's personal secrets that we declare to declare with this personal secrets. Following characters make public our website's information situation (bdnet.ca) that collected and used. The personal secrets statement of our station is in course of updating. With our service range constanting to prolong dark, we will update our personal secrets declare at any time, Welcome you to come to check at any time too. If there is some doubt, please click info@bdnet.ca and feedback your personal suggestions.

While accepting our website service agreement, you have already agreed that we declare to use and reveal your personal information according to this personal secrets. All clauses of this personal secrets statement belong to a part of this agreement. Minor's special precautions: if you have not reached the age of 18, you have no rights to use this website to serve. So, we hope that you don't offer any personal information to us. You can just use this website's service by parents or the guardian's accompaniment.

Register information: When you are registering for the member of our station, we require you to fill in the concrete information of your unit accurately, and receive our protective measure of personal secrets, then we will offer this website new service to you. If you become the gold card members of this website, please upload your sample and information. Accept the trade service that this website offers regularly.

Credit card: Some services of ours' may need paying in the future, we may need to obtain your credit card information rationally at that time and your trading activity. We follow IP address only just for the safe necessity. If we have not found any safe problems, we will delete IP address collected in time. At the same time, the visit data that followed the page for the whole day will be used for reflecting the flow of websites to offer the data for our development in the future (for example, increase server).

Advertisement: We will carry on comprehensive statistics to the personal identity data, and for the needs of sale and reward, reveal this comprehensive statistics to the ad owner.
Third party: This website has announced the commercial opportunity that users refer and offer, and other users can inquire and offering these commercial opportunities. We can offer, sell, hire out, share and trade individual message of user to any third party, unless the third party and bdnet.ca provide services for the website with the members together. And will be forbidden visiting it after shoulding services, including all these materials that it can be visited. When we are forced or offered your information according to government's request by law, we will reveal your materials with good intention.

Memory and exchange of the information: User's information and materials that collected and stored will put on the servers of U.S.A. When only in order to back up, we may need to convey your materials to the servers of the other countries.
Outside chaining: This website includes the chaining of other websites, and this website does not shoulder any responsibility to the protective measure of personal secrets of these websites. We will increase our cooperative partner when any needs or sharing websites of the brand. But we will be only offered them the integrated information, and not make your personal identity public.

Open trade information: The supply and demand information that you offered to issue will be showed in the corresponding public area, and it is open to any user. Please notice that all open information in these places will become public information. Please consider carefully before determining to announce your personal information.

Safety: This website has corresponding safety measure to guarantee that the information that we grasped is not lost, not abused and adulterated. These safety measures include backing up the data and encrypt user's password to other servers. Though we have these safety measures, please notice, there are not "perfect safety measures" on Internet at the same time.
Information privacy: This website and its registered user and the materials provider inside the station of this net have the net copyright of all materials inside the station. Do not undergo the clear written permission of this network, no one is allowed to rotates and judges or plagiarizes this network information, magazine, sample inside the station privately. Otherwise, the company will give investigating its law's responsibility.

Contact us: If have any opinions and suggestions of this personal secret or personal secrets protective measure and your question of using of this website, please contact us: info@jlcrainwear.com
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