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Li Xian Zheng, born in 1954, is the chairman and chief executive officer of JLC rainwear Ltd. In 1985, he entered into rainwear industry with strong belief that he will success. Within two years, he began the largest retail in Fuzhou. In 1987, he founded JLC rainwear Ltd which employs 20 members and revenues of 700,000 for the year. Today, the company employs 400 team members and revenues of $33,000,000.

Hang He, born in 1974, is the president and chief operating officer of JLC rainwear Ltd. He is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company and, with CEO Zheng, Li Xian, sets the company's strategic direction. He has a MBA in public and private management from the Xiamen University, China. Within 4 years, as a president of the Jian Xin Rainwear Ltd., the company grew quickly with his superior management skill. During his tenure at JLC rainwear Ltd. since 2001, the company has seen its most dramatic growth, with revenues increasing from $16,000,000 in 1999 to $33,000,000 in recent year.

Guang Chang Chen, born in 1952, is the vice president and general manager of the company's overseas division. In this role, he will oversee export in South East Asian, Japan, Europe and North American, and be responsible for leading the company's international growth strategies. Prior to being hired by JLC rainwear Ltd., he was chairman and CEO of Fujian Kang Tuo Import/Export Ltd. In 1996, he joined JLC rainwear Ltd. as manager of import export department and in 1999, he was promoted to vice president and general manager of the company's overseas division.

You Ru Shen, born in 1955, is the vice president and Merchandise Manager of JLC rainwear Ltd. She has held the positions of manager for PVC rainwear for production, planning and distribution since 1992. In 1999, she was promoted to general manager of the company's production department. In 2001, she was also vice president of JLC rainwear Ltd.

  JLC China

Cangshan Qu Jianxin zhen Jiangbian cun
Fuzhou, P. R. of China, 350008
Tel : 86-591-3587990
Fax : 86-591-3586869
E-mail : china@jlcrainwear.com

JLC Overseas

88 Mentor Boulevard
Toronto, Canada, M2H 2N1
Tel : 001-416-4968589
Fax : 001-416-4962006
E-mail : overseas@jlcrainwear.com


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